LFG Tech Partner Awarded Contract to Build 13.3 mile LFG Pipeline

Veolia signed a contract to sell gas from its Emerald Park Landfill in Muskego, WI to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) that will use it in lieu of more expensive natural gas at its sewage treatment plant in Jones Island. Under the 20-year agreement, the MMSD will pay $2.11 per dekatherm (MMBtu) or 48% of the price of natural gas on the New York Mercantile Exchange, a savings of 52% which could equate to between $25 million and $65 million over the life of the contract. The district has already awarded a $16.89 million contract to Meade Electric Co. of McCook, IL to build a 13.3 mile pipeline, now under construction, between the landfill and Jones Island. The district will install three 4.8-megawatt turbines that will burn the landfill gas in a building on Jones Island.

Meade Electric Company partner’s with LFG Technologies to develop landfill gas energy projects through LFG Technologies Development, LLC. ¬†Contact Barry Rogers @ 585-425-3436 for more information.

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