Utility Flares

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LFG Technologies provides both Low NOx Enclosed Flares & Utility Flares built specifically to handle
Landfill and Bio-gas.
LFG Tech provides custom built utility flares that will meet all federal, state and local regulations.

  • 100% performance guarantee
  • Full digital control panel with touch screen input and output.
  • On-board digital data storage downloadable to MS Excel spreadsheet for quick and easy reports!
  • Additional digital data storage capacity is available
  • Meets all 40 CFR 60.18
  • Designed to comply with New Source Performance Standards (NSPS).
  • Utility flares are skid mounted and less expensive than constructing “stick” units
  • Meets all federal, state and local building codes.

landfill gas utility flareFlares from LFG Technologies represents state-of-the-art in enclosed and utility flare systems. The secret is in the capability of the fully digital control panel. We use a GE Versa Max PLC to not only monitor but actually provide control. This allows greater reliability and greater function capability to truly help in implementing NSPS.

Don’t be fooled by claims from other manufactures their control panel has a PLC. Find out whether the PLC actually “controls” as well as monitors. There is a big difference.

With our standard computerized control panel we add a touch screen display that guides you through the startup and operations and allows for easy troubleshooting. The digital control panel permits remote access, control and monitoring of the flare operations and has full data logging capabilities. Our report software is designed to work with the PLC to provide quick reports. No more trying to figure out circular charts! You always know what is going on, even when you are not there.

Flare components to consider:

Data Logger

Data management is a major part of New Source Performance Standards and must be taken into consideration when choosing flare instrumentation. Ideally, the flare and control panel should do all the work. With our flares, that is exactly what happens. Data is easily downloaded to an excel spreadsheet and NSPS reports can be put together in hours, not days. Paperless Chart Recorder with PC Card or hard-drive back up. More accurate and reliable than pen-style. Include both flow and flare temp with up to 12 channels for input.

Touch Screen Interface

Highly reliable in all weather conditions. Allows for flexible control schematics for flare and auxiliary systems.

Flow Meters

Hot wire, thermal mass, orifice plate.


Omega autodailer with up to 8 inputs. Programmable from a cell or touchtone phone.

Knockout Pots

Coated carbon or stainless steel. Provides extra protection for blower system.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)

Provides precise control for vacuum. NEMA 4 cabinet with air conditioning for long life.


Aerovent or National Turbine blowers. Up to two year warranty on some blower systems.


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