Design / Build

When you need a landfill gas power plant or direct gas sales project build, LFG Technologies can provide you the complete project. We offer a complete design/build process for delivering your project. Design/build is a unique form of project construction. As opposed to the traditional bid or construction management method, the design/build method furnishes a single point of responsibility for the success of the project. It is by far the least expensive method too.

Key Benefits

  • Total responsibility for the design, construction, and satisfactory completion of the project.
  • Solutions tailored to the owner’s problems and concepts that meet the owner’s goals.
  • Price testing of concepts (before design changes become very expensive).
  • Guaranteed maximum price early in the process. This assures that the owner will get the project he wants, as defined, at the agreed set cost.
  • Use of the fast track method, which allows the project to be completed more quickly.
  • Close association and coordination with all of the parties involved and a quicker response to design or construction problems.



Full Design/Build Capabilities

From concept to schematic, to design development and construction.

Proven Design Concepts

Not all landfill gas projects are successful.

Project Owner Experience

Experienced at being the owner of a landfill gas project. We design and build projects they way we would want them built if we were the owner.

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