MAN Generators

Much of the landfill gas industry effort has focused producing electricity for export to the grid with the large Caterpillar 3500 and 3600 series generator packages. However, as more and more landfills are looking for ways to cut cost to stay competitive, one overlooked area is using smaller LFG IC engines to provide on-site power needs. The industry buzz words are “co” or “tri” generation, distributed generation and net-metering. Our focus is “Economic Energy” and the MAN engine meets that need.

MAN engines provide:

  • Exhaust emissions available to 0.6 grams/brake horsepower/hour on turbocharged units.
  • Both jacket water and exhaust heat recovery systems
  • Proven zero pressure fuel gas regulator
  • Can reach full load off a flare blower
  • Generator or compressor direct drive application
  • Proven history on landfill and digester gas
  • LFG Tech can provide a turn-key application with guaranteed pricing before installation. You won’t have to figure it out for yourself
  • LFG Tech will handle warranties
  • O&M and replacement parts stocked in US
  • Lowest IC capital and operating cost
  • E-08 units have one head per two cylinders. E-28 units have one head per cylinder for ease of maintenance.
  • Beats Micro Turbine on capital and operating cost
  • BLACK-START capable
Engine Model Emissions # Cylinders HP @ 1800 RPM Generator kW LFG @
50% Methane
Total Usable Heat
Cost/Fuel HR
Fuel Pressure
Requirements (PSI)
Lean-burn 6 86 64 25HHV 348,228 $0.88 0
0.6 gm/bhp NOX 6 147 110 35 HHV 501,858 $1.19 0
0.6 gm/bhp NOX 6 201 150 40 HHV 798,876 $1.25 0
0.6 gm/bhp NOX 6 282 200 50 HHV 1,027,614 $2.03 0
0.6 gm/bhp NOX 12 563 370 130 HHV 1,874,286 $3.13 0

Legend: LE=Turbocharged, intercooled, TE=Turbocharged, E=Lean burn

Generator components to consider:

Synchronous or Induction: Marathon 480 volt synchronous or induction generators available. Its your choice.

Heat recovery<:/em> Available for both jacket water and exhaust

Chillers: MAN generators are also ideal for providing chilling capabilities with absorption chillers

Generator Controls: ENERCON Evolution Controls

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