CAT Generators

Caterpillar 3500 series engines set the standard for landfill gas. Other prime movers have tried, but when you take a look at the total cost of ownership, other prime movers do not come close. The total cost of ownership includes fuel gas boosters, siloxane tolerance, fuel pressure, parts availability and field support.

CAT engines provide:

  • Exhaust emissions available to 0.5 grams/brake horsepower/hour on G3520’s
  • 1200 RPM operations
  • Both jacket water and exhaust heat recovery systems
  • Low fuel pressure @ 2 PSIG
  • Generator or compressor direct drive application
  • Proven history on landfill and digester gas
  • LFG Tech can provide a turn-key application with guaranteed pricing before installation. You won’t have to figure it out for yourself
  • O&M and replacement parts usually available within 24 hours
  • BLACK-START capable.
Engine Model Emissions # Cylinders Exhaust Manifold Type Generator kW LFG @ 50% Methane Fuel Pressure Requirements (PSI)
G3516 Lean-burn 16 Wet 810 300 HHV 2
G3516 0.6 gm/bhp NOX 16 Dry 810 300 HHV 2
G3520 0.5 gmbhp NOX 20 Dry 1600 550 HHV 2

Cat 3600 series as well as Solar Turbines are available.

Generator components to consider:

Synchronous or Induction: CAT SR-4 480 and 4160 volt synchronous generators available. Its your choice.

Heat recovery: Available for both jacket water and exhaust

Generator Controls: ENERCON Evolution Controls


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