Is it better to do a direct gas sales project, produce electricity for export to the grid or just flare the gas? Well… it depends. Even a small project cost a lot of money, if nothing but time and effort. If you have a good size landfill, chances are you are going to have to install a flare and a gas collection system. You may have already “been there…done that.” Now you have a flare and every time you drive home at night you wonder why all that good energy lighting up the sky can’t be used for some useful purpose than consuming fire flies and making the neighbors wonder if there is a fire at the landfill.

There actually are answers to those questions. There is a systematic way to go about finding the best opportunity. You need a team that has not done it once or twice but has years of experience and expertise in the landfill gas energy industry.
Use LFG Technologies in your landfill gas energy project development and receive the following benefits:

Key Benefits

  • Unmatched experience and expertise
  • Technology neutral – not just trying to sell equipment that may or may not fit the project needs.
  • National experience working in all phases of the energy market.

LFG Team Capabilities

End User Studies: What markets are the best option; gas sales, electric or do nothing? Note: retail sales marketing of electricity to end users is currently a much higher risk market without the benefit of third party power marketers who do this full time. In such cases LFG Tech may use or recommend the use of an electrical power marketing group.

Gas Generation Curves: Computer desktop studies to help plan. The EPA model may be good at estimating gas generation for emissions but many times greatly overstates gas available for energy production. We can generate your gas curves using a model specifically designed for power generation and we will do it for free!

Financial Proforma: Distill all the information generated and put together a project financial report that financially describes the project for management decision making.

Utility/End User Negotiations: Ancillary services, avoided cost, unbundled rates, backup power, maintenance power” are all terms that are common in the energy market but have different meanings in the landfill business. LFG Technologies understands those terms and what a fair price for landfill gas energy may be.

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