• Landfill Gas Flare Rentals

    Landfill Gas Flare Rentals

    We offer a turn-key landfill gas flare rental. The unit is skid mounted and includes two centrifugal blowers, gas scrubber,...

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  • Direct Gas Sales

    Direct Gas Sales

    LFG Tech provides custom built blower and compressor packages for direct gas sales projects. As with the engine fuel gas...

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  • MAN Generators

    MAN Generators

    Much of the landfill gas industry effort has focused producing electricity for export to the grid with the large Caterpillar...

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  • CAT Generators

    CAT Generators

    Caterpillar 3500 series engines set the standard for landfill gas. Other prime movers have tried, but when you take a...

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  • Power Plants

    Power Plants

    When you need a landfill gas power plant or direct gas sales project build, LFG Technologies can provide you the...

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  • Fuel Gas Boosters

    Fuel Gas Boosters

    LFG Tech provides custom built fuel gas boosters for Caterpillar, Jenbacher and Waukesha landfill gas engines. Both Jenbacher and Waukesha...

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  • Utility Flares

    Utility Flares

    LFG Technologies provides both Low NOx Enclosed Flares & Utility Flares built specifically to handle Landfill and Bio-gas. LFG Tech...

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  • Low NOx Enclosed Flares

    Low NOx Enclosed Flares

    LFG Tech provides custom-built Low Emissions, Low NOx enclosed flares that meet all federal, state and local regulations. We provide...

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