LMOP Community Partner of the Year

Escambia County LFG Energy Project (Pensacola, Florida) — LMOP Community Partner Escambia County, Florida, along with Gulf Power Company and LMOP Industry Partner LFG Technologies, launched a successful LFG energy project in October 2010, overcoming the county’s disappointment with the landfill’s initial, unsuccessful LFG energy project that began in 1997. LFG Technologies helped the county to build and operate the new LFG energy facility, which produces 3.2 MW of electricity. The county sells the electricity to Gulf Power, which then sells the energy to residential and commercial end-users.

The project was designed and built to accommodate an eventual expansion to 6.4 MW. Funding came from both the U.S. Department of Energy’s Block Grant Funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the Escambia County LFG Expansion Program.

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