Perdido Project – Now On-Line

We are proud to announce that in partnership with Escambia County and Gulf Power the Perdido Project is online and operational!  With Two Cat 3520c’s online and running at 98+% online time.  Things are running smoothly.  We are generating roughly 1,600 KW of electrical power per engine to total 3.2 MW of electrical power… translation… the equivalent of 900 homes.  Escambia County put together a great open house back in late October with visitors from the CEO and representatives of Gulf Power, Escambia County Board Members, key partners & LFG Technologies that made this such a successful project.  We could not be prouder of a job well done between all who were apart.  With the success of such a project we have learned that some key contributors of the project have already been promoted within their organizations and we wish those individuals great success for the future.  Now we are focused in on the operations part of this project and the creation of electricity.  Let’s Make it Happen!  – Jeff

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