Why do you do it that way?

I have been in quite a few meetings here recently and the one question that everyone seems to be asking… Why do you do it that way?  Well besides the fact that we have found (over the past 20+ years) this to be the most cost effective way to build projects.  We build projects to perform and not just work.  What I mean by this is, for instance; our Perdido project has been on line for the last 3 months operating at a 98- 103% online time.  Whereas we are finding from other project owners they are operating in the 80’s for a % online time.  What does this mean to our project owner… $$$ in their pocket.  We build landfill gas projects we would be proud to own and operate.  We will go the extra mile on projects to get it right the first time.  That’s why we do it that way!

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